Which carpet to choose to warm the house

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Carpets not only contribute style to the home through color, volume, texture and their ability to match spaces perfectly, but they also provide insulation and warmth, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in cold weather.

Originally designed to combat low winter temperatures, there are some aspects to consider before choosing the right carpet, including the fiber, technique and material used. Here are some quick tips on how to find the perfect carpet.

Material: wool

High-quality wool carpets are the best insulators against the cold. This is due to their natural ability to thermoregulate: when the humidity in the room increases or decreases, wool fibers absorb or release moisture from the reacting water. When the outside temperature decreases, the fibers cool down, absorb moisture and warm up.

Wool also helps save energy, and single-story homes with ventilated floors benefit most from the insulating properties of carpets. Energy savings of 5-13% have been reported in real studies.

These mats also increase the feeling of comfort because of their wicking characteristic, helping to create a dry environment.

Technique: knotted or inlaid by hand

Now that we know what to look for in terms of material, we need to consider which technique to choose. In general, thicker carpets offer better insulation than thinner ones because they have more material per square meter and an open weave, which allows more air to be retained in the spaces between the fibers.

As a result, it is recommended to look for carpets woven using hand-knotted or inlaid techniques, as they are denser and the latter technique usually has a higher pile height.

These carpets also tend to have the greatest thermal resistance. Wool’s low thermal conductivity and natural undulation contribute to its high resilience.

Sizes: the bigger the better

The last aspect to consider is size. For example, if you have a wooden floor on the ground floor, heat tends to dissipate when the floor is exposed. Placing rugs in each area is a great way to cover large spaces and make sure the cold does not spread.

Most importantly, carpets add an extra layer between the floor and the room and provide an additional barrier to prevent the cold from infiltrating. To reduce the cold coming in from outside, a wool tapestry can also be hung on the wall. Take a look at our variety of oriental and modern rugs and choose the one that’s right for you.

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