Tappeti di Juta

I tappeti annodati a mano con juta sono prodotti artigianali che coniugano tradizione e sostenibilità. [...]

Interest-free installment carpet sale

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Tappeti moderni Persiani: Una nuova arte tradizionale

Tappeti moderni Persiani: Una nuova arte tradizionale I tappeti persiani sono conosciuti in tutto il [...]

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Sustainable hemp fiber rugs

Hemp rugs are natural carpets that can last for years without losing shape or color. [...]

Celebrating women, the carpet artisans

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Nowruz, the Persian new year is coming

Nowruz is the Persian New Year that corresponds to the spring equinox, the first day [...]

Modern and oriental carpets in LIQUIDATION

As of this month we are in liquidation until February 19,This is because we feel [...]

Advantages of buying carpets online

Online shopping as a convenient process in the World Wide Web era is described as [...]